‘I am interested in the unfathomable, and in the cruel hilarity of trying to articulate that’

                                                                                                      - Note from sketchbook, 2008

Iain Woods (b. Coventry, 1986) is a British recording, performance and video artist whose work also spans drawing, painting, print, sculpture, photography, assemblage and web-based projects. Somewhere between art, pop, punk and prank; Woods's expressive, multi-dimensional practise takes the form of long-term, open-ended series which, although stylistically and thematically diverse, all seek to connect the personal with the universal. 

His concept and research-heavy projects (which usually centre around a musical album and see him collaborating with various institutions) are tragicomic, wildly imaginative interventions into core areas of epistemological study: knowledge, belief, reality, perception and mystery. Exercises in fractal mathematics, Woods's overarching themes are endlessly plundered, creating infinite combinations of images, sounds and text. Lyrics become titles for paintings and sculptures, plans and diagrams become abstract works on paper, stills from film and video become prints.

Inspired early on by the theory of theatre practitioner Antonin Artaud, Woods trained at Warwickshire School of Fine art and Brighton University Faculty of Arts, graduating in Fine Art Sculpture in 2008. Whilst a student, he was equally inspired by the writings of Samuel Beckett and the dance-theatre of Pina Bausch as well as the photographic neo-narratives of Gilbert & George and Bas Jan Ader, the sculptural politics of Felix Gonzalez Torres and Roni Horn, the lavish theatrics of Rebecca Horn, the punk-practise of Isa Genzken and Martin Kippenberger and the video nasties of Bruce Nauman. This more traditional study, coupled with a love of the chameleonic and skin-shedding pop-campaigns of Madonna, Björk, Scott Walker, David Bowie and Kate Bush and a life-long interest in audio production lead to Woods positing his idea of 'Fine-Art Pop' as a viable new medium during his undergraduate study, culminating in the submission and release of his debut recording 'Stanislavsy EP' as his final degree show.

Released under the pseudonym 'psychologist', 2011's 'Epidural Collection' (consisting of 'Waves of OK' EP and 'Propeller' EP) is a rumination around the themes of 'truth' and 'lies'.

Described as 'a trash-pop arena tour of the subconscious', 'psychologist' explores themes of self, soul, psyche and the shamanic using the language of rock and pop memorabilia and comes in the form of a pop album (psychologist LP, 2015), a suite of music videos (Autophobe Cycle), a series of assemblages, hundreds of works on paper, a series of photographic self-portraits and a series of sculptures.  In 'psychologist' Woods presents the idea of pop-star as homunculus or higher-self; a symbol for psychological transmogrification.  

Iain Woods is currently undertaking residencies and working towards his next full-scale project. 

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