Lyrics by Iain Woods


And then suddenly there was knowledge...
Like she said, like, there was complete knowledge of,
Like as if all my life I was in darkness,
Suddenly I knew everything.
Erm, I went into a psychotic coma
So I dreamt in real time.
But the truth was coming?
Yeah! The truth was coming!
There was the lie!
Yeah! Everything, I said goodbye to everything
I was like, leaving my life as I knew it, completely .
Sleep deprived, couldn’t get to sleep, literally went to five…
I don’t think I really even slept that night, basically.
And at about Seven O’clock in the morning I was looking
At this thing on the roof and it… I remember;
There was a little mark on the roof?
And I was like ‘oh, that looks like a bird!’
And it turned into a bird.
And it flew out the window.
I was like ‘uh?’
Yeah, I know what you mean, we’re just gonna die
Mmm Hmm (giggles)
You can’t take it with you when you die!
The thing is it may go with ya! None of us know, do we?
And then, at the end of the tunnel was this white light
That was really soothing, and told me to not be afraid.

None of us fucking know what’s gonna happen.

Worlds Away

(Baby’s on my mind, yeah
I’m gonna find ya)

A jealous, callous palm
The fugitive
The wanted

Blinded by…
Reminded by
The things I could’ve said
A lexis for the dead

For worlds away
Is still two worlds too
Close for me

With something looming
Over me

The borrowed, sorrowed know
And sinister
And subtle all the same.

For worlds away
Is still two worlds too
Close for me
Can you picture me?
Will you remember ?
When you’re worlds away?

When there’s something looming
Over me.

On your memory
When you’re drifting,
When you’re worlds away.

Blinded by…
Reminded by
The things I could’ve said

The things I could

Have said.


Don’t waste my time, bitch!
I’ll give you anything you want!
It’s slowly dying!
I’ll give it anything it wants!

With mortal sight,
The roots are feeling worn;
No water for the lawn
If I were a rock!
If I were a rock...

If I were a rock
There would be none of this
There would only be eternal bliss
And whatever change the landscape
Sought to bring.

If I could buy you a ring…


I’m at the center of one universe
And you couldn’t fathom
What life on my earths
Might be like
Well its light!
And there are people flying kites
In the sun,
In my heart!

Don’t waste his time!
He won’t have anything you want!
His feeble mind
Can’t give you anything you want
What can’t you see?
Is there a wall in front of me?
Cause I’m a secondary role
In this charade!

And I shoulda
Hit you with it when I nearly did
A thousand times
A thousand times
A thousand times
A thousand times

Hearing my heart
Going mad.


I must keep running from the beast!
He only gonna lead me astray!
Tried to change my shell
With the light
But the blood still stayed the same;
It don’t rain!
And the snow don’t snow
And the wind don’t blow and
He always takes the weather with him
Everywhere he goes and O,
My love, he went away.

So now I press my brain up to my eyeballs
And keep looking out
I am astounded by the things I see
I ask you:
Am I in the mind, the world, the universe
Or are the world and universe inside of me?

I must stop getting hooked onto
Things I can only see a shadow of
Who knows how long it’ll be
Before we’re changing lanes for good?

Lord, I’ve been beautifully disfigured
So I’ll be stored with all the other birds,
Round here.

You must stop waving that poison
Right underneath of my nose!
Only take takes one slip of the lip
Before you go and let me wilt,
Like a rose!

So when I press my ears up to the walls
I keep on listening,
If there’s a God out there to hear me shout;
I ask you:
If the universe will eat me from the outside in?
Or eat me from the inside out?

I span my web into the night before I realised:
If I could not save my soul,
Then who could?
When a noiseless, patient spider I mark’d
Whereon a little promontory he stood,
Lookin good!

More Mixin’, scratchin’
Cutting up the tracks and
Layin’ em back
With a little more tact.

Panic Over

More mixin’ scratchin’
Cuttin’ up ya crack
And slicing up ya backs
Wiv ma little ole axe
Step back baby, back.
Baby, cut me some slack!
Cause all the clever kids suffer
From panic attacks!
Better move your ass fast
‘fore I selotape the packs
and fax ya first class
a packs of anthrax.

‘We shall not escape hell, my passionate sisters!’

Cry Rape! Cry Wolf!
There’s no-one there to hear you!
Cry Wolf! Cry Rape!
We shall not escape!

O, Mountains!
Mountains solid as the things they never were
They never stir
They just confer
And need each other
Like things do,
Like we do,
Like me when I need you.

And sit
And wait
We’ve no time to contemplate
And come they will
While all the world is still

You’re gonna get away,
Get up and fly, find your way
Into the world.

O, Mortals!
Mortals moving
One revolution after next
And having sex
It is the text of things to come
Like things do,
Like we do
Like me when I need you
And let myself bleed to the music
And feed through…
To day after day after day
And it creeps in this petty pace
Through time, through space
The race is rough.

And mortals must keep up.

So if you so desire to fly away
Or be that fire and die away
Or just spin with your galaxy, then fine.

Every road I walk on
Is paved with gold.
Every road.


Smokey café
On the Saturday,
With you

It is summer and…
We are summer and…
We are summer through and through.

Andy Warhola’s
In your bedroom, the
Lucky fucker saw you first.

There were worlds,
Swimming underwater
But not a drop to quench my thirst.

You see, this is my first love song baby
I just wanted it to go showing you,
Well, how…

How deep I am for you
How far I swam for you
How deep I am for you, baby.

So I’ll pretend it’s all for granted
And give it up for dead
But I’ll secretly enchant it
And dream of it instead
And don’t you worry,
They won’t ever know
What rested in my head

For it has caused too much damage now.

From now on you must only know the outside of my head.


Colourless this becomes!
I’ve got a little corner, you know?
I see you grinning, brighten eyes.
Nobody even knows the name of this game
We’re all playing.

Oh God, you’re entertaining,
You feel you’re obligated
Cause I don’t hear some things
(or don’t get told, perhaps?)
You know I’m redundant
You can feel me being made redundant baby.

I’m not feeling quite myself today
(you slowing my development baby!)
I’m not feeling quite myself.
(say what you are to me!)
Trick of the light,
And I don’t feel this way
(do it for the hell of it, baby!)
So if you could,
Just be good,
Just don’t look amazed.

These are things that only scrape the surface,
This is only just the face of nervous
Takes more than whispers
From one girl, disturb us
You know I’m redundant.

I stumble,
I repeat
I fall
I swear it.
Swear it,
You want to be my love,
But you couldn’t have loved me!

Once, and it’s mind for mind
Once for the love that’s blind
Watching as you stall
Now you fall behind
Jumpin’ in the car witcha valentine
Callin’ 999
Tryna solve the problem,
Poppin my enquiry line
Hit ‘em with the fine…

Cause this sadness that befalls,
It’s on repeat, I swear it!

I swear too much though,
These days.

The Dirty Movement

It’s been a long, hard year for you baby
And I can see that you’ve been down on yourself
but when the beat kicks in
we will swing that swing
I’m gonna have you back in rude health.

Just follow me...

There’s been a real heavy load on your shoulders
but salvation is closer than you think
So leave your worries at home,
leave the beats to the DJ and leave the therapy
to the shrink.

Were sinking into void!
Your tone’s been destroyed!
Bumpin’ Sigmund Freud
Like it was going out of style!

I’ll take a while
And let me see you shakin those pants
Cause the world it’s
Spinnin so fast that we never take a chance
To just pull close and dance, so baby
Bump! Bounce! Stomp! Drop!
And spring back, and twist
you’re in a different kinda session
with a psychologist
and you need a...

Oh! A Singin’, dancin’ dream!
The supernova scene!
The green machine!
You best cover your ears, baby!

If you impress me then
I’m slippin’ a little surprise in your drink!
So let’s get you off the couch and on the floor
and shortie, you’re cavorting
with a shrink.

And what we will create
Will not transmit through nations
But space!
Through every space station!
And every little beat
And every little move
Will be felt upon the streets
And we’ll be drowned in sin
Until the beat kicks in...

Until the beat kicks in....

Until the beat kicks in
The Dirty Movement’s
Put a spin on things.

Vous vous vous vous!
Decendez dans le vide!
Tonalite etait detruit!
Ouai, par Floyd Rose!
En jours quand le bruit etait cru!
Boo you do something to me
You got me freaking, got me piquing
And I’m starting to see
That there’s a different kind of a future
And a finer place I can be so let the
Dirty Movement recruit ya,
creepin’ in administerin’ therapy!

Startin’ with the weight that you’ve been hatin’ on your feet
And moving up and shaking tension outta both of your hips
And up and up and now you’re getting something offa your chest
And now you see me meet you eyes as I discover your lips
Well if ya wanna be sane by the mornin’ light
You’d better hold my trance,
You’d better keep on dancin’ all night.

Until the beat kicks in,
Gonna swing that swing
You got one shot baby,
Then I’m turnin’ you in!
We’ll find a way that you can pay
For all the sessions you missed
You cannot bullshit a bullshitter;
Fool a psychologist
Sing it with me:


You a cold motherfucker by the mornin’ light!
But you a damn good lover by night!

Until the beat kicks in
The Dirty Movement’s
Put a spin on things.


My heart has had enough
Of padding around the truth
My heavy, heavy heart is giving up, up,
Up on it.

My soul is sipping beer
And nothing moves, down here.
My heavy, heavy heart
Is so tired of...
Of padding itself in...

Was snowing in the street
When all was well and all was warm
And teardrops in the sleet were telling me
To be the storm.
Heaven knows where I go from here,
If there’s a heaven,
Or if I go anywhere at all.

My wings have had enough
Of flapping around your love
I need to put you down and
Give you up.

My soul is on the toke;
Revealing angels in the smoke.
And oh my heavy eyes are closing now,
But Oh, when the smoke clears....

So take me with you,
Wherever you go,
We two, we do
We like the snow!

And I have waited
(You know how long I’ve waited)
Waiting bait and bated breath
Until death do us part
Until death us do part
Until death claims my

Heavy, heavy heart.

The Psychologist

Patient: Sometimes, I’ll just fall into blackness
People don’t know
My smile, the smile I just smiled
I didn’t mean it! And people don’t know!
Ooh, and I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with me, but...
Every now and then the world, no, my world
And the faces I couldn’t live without
And this strange feeling
All echo round my dizzy little heart
And it feels like an age!
A million years all rushing through me.

The world! That’s what’s wrong with me, or
Maybe I’m what’s wrong with me?
Or the world! Maybe I’m what’s wrong with the world!?

And I’m trying to numb this feeling;
I’m trying to leave this mind
So I leave this head inside this room
And I leave this room behind
So thank you the elite ones
You all know who you are
The ones who’ve felt that feeling with me,
Brought to tears by the stars
When it feels like an age...

A million years all rushing through ya.
Rushing through ya!
Rushing through ya!

Psychologist: The world! That’s what’s wrong with you! or
Maybe you’re what’s wrong with you!

Or the world!

Maybe you’re what’s wrong with the world!

When Particles Collide

Hey buddy, don’t go.
I know it’s dark but it’s...
It’s only early.

And sleep will come, slow.
We can’t go drifting off now,
We’ve got way too much time
To be alive

And we both secretly know
That these precious days are numbered
And they’re slowly, slowly
Grinding to a halt.

So let us just keep laughing in the dark
About the times we loved the most;
The times which are the stitching
Holding us close, close, close, close

Closer together with every...

Hey buddy, don’t go.
I know it’s dark but its,
it’s only early, though.

And there are places to go.
Always some place to go
When you’re with someone you know
And I know you well.

I know you well.

We could go back and forth
Through a time that has taught
That all this is fraught
With a kind of distortion.

In the end it’s just the feeling,
All we have is all we feel
And I will find you once again,
When I live this life again
I found you time and time before
I will find you once again

The beginning’s a reflection of the end
After all
In the end
After all
In the end
After all.

So when you see me making like there’s
No place left to turn
Just remember;
I am only fractions of myself
Without a little piece of all of this
To keep me complete;
Keep me standing on my trusty feet, here.
And when we’re at each other’s throats
For no reason
And it would seem as though we’re drifting apart
Just remind yourself, now:
We are only atoms of each other
Without our minds

And these binding, binding times.

And it keeps on coming
It keeps on dragging me down,
This familiar feeling
And I just don’t know much about
It keeps on pulling me up!
It keeps on sorting me out!

This familiar feeling
I never tell you much about.

There’s a room in 2072 and we’re...
We are dying side by side
And we’re both blowing smoke-rings
And, oh, stubbing out yet another one
And they pull out a plug
And they switch out a light
And they switch out tonight
And the rest of our lives.

They switch us out.


Oh, I could see myself plunged in a big, dark tunnel, head first
And then at the end of the tunnel was this white light that was really soothing
and told me to not be afraid.

Everything is in colour and...and I can feel the air!
I can...I can see it!
I can see all the molecules!

Leaving my life as I knew it.
But the truth was coming?
Yeah! The truth was coming!
Yeah yeah yeah. There was the lie.
Yeah. yeah yeah yeah.

Ah... I was aware of the concept of having a psyche, of having consciousness and having an unconscious
And...I would say in my twenties I became very curious about the relationship between these two worlds;
what they had to offer each other, uhm
And what might not be addressed explicitly in each tradition that was found in the other.


All Music & Lyrics Iain Woods
Except Panic Over I. Woods, K. Bloxham, W. Shakespeare
Lyrical Correction on Phobe by Will Juba
The words ‘grinning, brighten eyes’ were inspired by Paul Devlin
The line ‘We shall not escape hell, my passionate sisters’ is taken from the poem
‘We shall not escape Hell’ by Marina Tsvetaeva (1915)
The line ‘A noiseless, patient spider, I mark’d, where, on a little promontory, it stood’ is taken from
the poem ‘A Noiseless Patient Spider’ by Walt Whitman (1891)

all songs published by Eagle-i Music LTD.

Executive Producer Ella Medley-Whitfield

Produced by Woods, Worskett & Bellwood.
Jungle breakdown in Phobe produced by Steven Woods
Live instrument sessions fixed and engineered by Hugh Worskett
Additional drums on Worlds Away and Vocal Ad-Lib on Panic Over
recorded by Charlie Hugall at EMI Evelyn Yard.
Vocals recorded by Woodsy in his bedroom from August 2012-January 2013
Strings and Brass arranged by Iain Woods with additional arrangement and scoring by Hugh Worskett

You have been listening to...

Iain Woods - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organs
Henry Danowski - Drums
Louis D'Heudieres - Bass

Additional Guitar - Steven Woods & Hugh Worskett
Additional Drums on Worlds Away by Freddy Rayfield

Saxophones - Sam Corkin
Trumpet - Rory Shaw
French Horn - Lauren Reeves-Rawlings, Tom Pollock
Trombone/Bass Trombone - Yusuf Narcin

Violin - Emma Goldie, Maddie Rix, Alex Brown
Viola - Sam Kennedy
Cello - Nicole Robson

Scratches by Fabrice Bourgelles-Pyres

Recorded at (In chronological order):

12, Edgehill Place, Coventry
Annette's Cottage, Grove, Nottinghamshire
Rampton, Nottinghamshire
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, London
Rock of London, Hackney, London
The Dairy, Brixton, London
Kingsley Hall, Bow, London
Sigmund Freud's Bedroom, Hampstead, London
Woodsy’s Bedroom, Hackney, London

Mixed by Matt Wiggins (assisted by Joe Jones)
at Beethoven Street Studios, London.

Additional Mixing on The Dirty Movement by Neil Comber.

Samples & Audio

AWAKENINGS Florian talking about a woman on a television show who had a near-death experience/Kat speaking about her real-time, month-long psychotic coma/Maddie speaking about when she (nearly) woke up on another planet/Lewis recounting his first hallucination (from a coffee overdose, aged 12)/Me and Florian laughing about dying/Mum speaking about taking physical objects into the metaphysical afterlife. 

WORLDS AWAY LP Crackle from the original 2003 demo of ‘When Particles Collide’/Gerald Heard speaking with Dr. Sidney Cohen about his LSD experience/A Chainsaw revving/Various B-Movie Screams. 

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THE DIRTY MOVEMENT Sigmund Freud saying the word 'psychologist'. Public service announcement from 1969 warning of the effects of LSD. Fritz Perls demonstrating his method with various volunteers, year unknown (c. 1962)

SMOKE The silence from my brothers room after he had his heart broken/Silence from Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre/A Human Heartbeat/Dr. Helen Fisher talking about her research involving putting people who claim to be in love into MRI scanners to obtain neurological data (From Living On Earth’s February 3rd, 2003 episode ‘The Chemistry of Love’). 

THE PSYCHOLOGIST An MRI Scanner whirring. 

WHEN PARTICLES COLLIDE LP Crackle from the original 2003 demo of ‘When Particles Collide’/Police sirens from Kingsland Road, Dalston, London/Silence from Kingsley Hall/Florian talking about a woman on a television show who had a near-death experience/Pilar Jennings speaks about her research into the clinical applications of Buddhist meditation practice (From Shrink Rap Radio’s ‘Episode #269 - The Power of Relationship in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism with Pilar Jennings, Ph.D.’)/Dr. Sidney Cohen Administers LSD to a housewife (year unknown, c.1956)/Maddie speaking about leaving her body/Psychologist Chorus Theme from ‘Worlds Away’ (The beginning’s a reflection of the end, after all).

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